Create Order

The process to create order is very straightforward. There are two simple ways to create order. The first one is from the Customer Card and another one is from the Create order button on the top right section on the Order Page.

Once you click on the create order, you will be redirected to the page for creating new orders. On this page, there are three sections which are below-

Create Order For – This section is for the basic details of the customer on which the order is created.

Add Customer to order – This is the second section where one can add customers to the order.

Note: The customer can be the same or different from the customer for which the order is created.

Once you click on the Add Customer, you will get a popup where you can click on the Same Customer to get the customer for which the order is created.

Once you select any customer, you will see the measurement of the customer. You can either click on Add to Add and close the popup or click on Continue to add another customer to the same order.

Note: You can add any number of people in one single order.

After adding, You have to select the product for which customer is giving order. For example, you can select kurta, Pajama, Suite etc.

You can add Apparel from the settings page.

At the bottom of the page which is the last section are the details of GST and payment made by the customer.

Once you click Save, the order will be created and the SMS will be sent to the client with the amount and tracking number.