Adding a Staff

To create any staff, navigate to Staff

On mobile phones, click on the account icon at the bottom to open the menu, and click on View Staff.

On Desktop and other big screen devices, click on the View Staff on top navigation bar.

On click of add staff, the Add new staff page opens. Here one can add the staff along with the roles and password to it.

The username and password are sent to the staff by mail so no need to tell the staff individually. This is a one-time process so even if the staff doesn’t use the email frequently he can only check the username and password once and use it lifetime as it doesn’t expire.

The owner or Staff Manager can add a Role in the Roles section.

Once a staff is added a card is created in the View Staff page for it. It contains details like username, role, email and actions button to manage the staff.

Once added, owner has to activate the user once.

Now staff can go to the login page and log in as usual to get started with all the tasks he/she is responsible for or assigned to.