Tax, Delivery & Boutique Control


In the Taxes section, you can specify the tax percentage for which you are liable. You can specify IGST, CGST and SGST separately.

At the time of billing, the GST will be calculated and added to the invoice automatically. You only have to specify the GST which will be included in the invoice.

Delivery Days

You can set the delivery days in this section. There can be two types of delivery.

Normal Delivery – The days you take generally to complete an order.

Urgent Delivery – When there is any urgent requirement of clothing that needs to be prioritised.

Boutique Visibility Control

You can control two settings for your shop front page.

You can enable or disable the order tracking which will allow customer to track the order current status.

You can also show or hide the product prices (Apparel Prices) to the customer on the main site.