Plan and Subscription

Q. Is My Darzie free forever?

A. Yes! The free version is free forever and you don’t have to pay anything for it. But it comes with some limitations and to unlock the full power, you can go for the plan which is best suited for you.

Q. Is it mandatory to do the setup settings before using My Darzie?

A. No, it is not mandatory to set up the settings before you use the platform but it is highly recommended as it makes things easy for you to proceed.

Q. I am not able to add apparel after adding four. What should I do?

A. Yes! The free plan offers only four apparel to add to the settings. But you can update more by upgrading the plan to a suitable one. 

Q. Is there any plan where I can add unlimited orders?

A. Yes! We have one plan where you can add unlimited orders, customers, measurements and apparel. You can opt for the Ultimate Plan to use it.

Device and Compatibility

Q. Is there any way we can use My Darzie without the internet?

A. No! For now, we don’t offer offline functionality where you can manage your customers and orders in offline mode but we have it in our roadmap and soon you will get an update on it.

Q. Can I use my tablet or phone to manage the orders?

A. Yes! The web app (My Darzie admin) is fully responsive and you can use any device you want to manage the complete portal.

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